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Monday, April 17, 2006

New URL: - Update Your Book Marks

Here is our new location:

Over the next week I will be moving the archives over and adding a feature two. I hope you enjoy the new look and layout. If you have any questions or comments please use the "Email Us" link at the new url.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Asterisk VoIP News Update: We are Moving to a New Platform :)

Hello All,

I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that we will be moving the blog to a new platform that will add a bunch of features are give us more control of the design to help deliver all the news in a more developed way. The inital process is almost complete and once I have a few design issues hammered out I will post the new url for everyone so please update those BOOKMARKS(I check the logs :P) :) Here is a list of some of the new features we will be integrating:

-More Defined Categories for Asterisk Specific Topics (This will always be a sizable part of the core for this blog)
-More Categories covering: VoIP, Skype, VoIP Legislation, WiFi/WiMax Deployment and more.
-Archive Calendar Function and Robust Search to help people find archived info
-More Community Written Content and Help Articles
-Some cool plugins I haven't even found but I know is out there
-Maybe even a logo...(you never know?)

Well that's it for now. Once it's ready I will make a post to let everyone know and most likely move all the old archives to the new platform so people can search just one place. If you have any questions just hit the email link on the right and I'll try my best to answer them. Have a great day and I will be in touch soon. Now time for me to get back to editing my new CSS :)


Thursday, April 13, 2006

CANADA VoIP 911 Update - Executive Summary

Click Here:
CANADA VoIP 911 Update - Executive Summary - has moved - Click Here

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[Nerd Vittles] 100 Great Springtime Projects For You & Your Free Asterisk@Home PBX

Click Here:
[Nerd Vittles] 100 Great Springtime Projects For You & Your Free Asterisk@Home PBX - has moved - Click Here

Skype Buys VoIP Startup Sonorit

Click Here:
Skype Buys VoIP Startup Sonorit - has moved - Click Here

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

AstriCon Update: Europe Early Bird Ends Saturday

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AstriCon Update: Europe Early Bird Ends Saturday - has moved - Click Here

Trial Version of Asterisk Interface Available

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Trial Version of Asterisk Interface Available - has moved - Click Here

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring is here :: Test the Asterisk SpringCollection 2006!

Click Here:
Spring is here :: Test the Asterisk SpringCollection 2006! - has moved - Click Here

Friday, April 07, 2006

Announcing Astmanproxy 1.20

Click Here: Announcing Astmanproxy 1.20

Integrics ITSP 1.6 released

Integrics is pleased to announce the release of ITSP version 1.6. This version has the following new features:

- Comes in 2 Editions:

* Carrier edition, for 250 to tens of thousands of users on hosted systems. Integrics sells this edition directly and through partners.

* Office edition, for 10 to 250 users. This edition is sold only through our partners, for them to sell as PBX systems at their customers' sites.

- Post-paid and external application billing, as well as the existing pre-paid billing.

- PDF invoices, including invoice management for both resellers and customers.

- Call shop interface.

- First version that can be installed by our partners rather than by Integrics staff. We'll be launching a formal partner and reseller programme in a few weeks; more details to follow.

- Many customer self sign up wizard improvements, such as credit card capture, click through terms and conditions which can be set by resellers, etc.

- Lots of smaller improvements based on customer feedback.

The demo system at:

Demo System

Running 1.6. Further information, including a feature list, is at:

Alistair Cunningham,
Integrics Ltd,
+44 20 799 39 799

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why VoIP Needs Crypto

Click Here: Why VoIP Needs Crypto?

From PBX to VoIP: Making the Change

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony Relevant Products/Services from , once a tool used primarily by uber techies, has matured into a viable and less-expensive alternative to the PBX systems used by businesses of all sizes. With VoIP, companies have the opportunity to discard the prepackaged offerings of traditional telecommunications and instead opt for a phone system that is customizable and highly adaptable.

According to a report released in January from the research firm Yankee Group, the VoIP market is expected to reach $3.3 billion in service revenue by 2010. The report said that businesses are favoring VoIP because the technology offers measurable savings, an excellent converged platform for voice and data, and improved ways to manage communications within the enterprise.

"Virtually all major carriers, systems integrators, and equipment vendors now offer different varieties of business VoIP services," said Taher Bouzayen, a senior analyst for telecommunication strategies at the Yankee Group. "And those that are not already exploring ways to capitalize on this revenue opportunity need to start now."

Even the U.S. military is contemplating a move to VoIP. Avaya, a VoIP vendor, recently announced that the Air Force is testing the technology with an eye toward deploying it for military communications in the field. According to Avaya client executive Vic Galante, the Air Force realized that it would have to turn to commercial technologies to save money.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GoogleTalk Gets a Facelift for Business with Asterisk

Talk about mind-boggling changes. A new project will allow businesses to connect GoogleTalk users to their Asterisk, telephony servers, Mark Spencer told me yesterday. He should know. Spencer is the author of the Asterisk open source, IP PBX and CEO of Digium, the company packaging Asterisk as a business-grade solution

The project is currently in beta with availability set for some time around June, smack in between the May release of Digium's Business edition of Asterisk B.1 and the next rev of the public Asterisk 1.4 release in July.

I'm so incredibly excited about this project for lots and lots of reasons. Inter-company collaboration will become a lot easier now for Asterisk users. Extending out the Asterisk network is a cinch and think of all of the cool applications one could create for GoogleTalk. Heck, just real termination becomes easier.

But I get ahead of myself.

One of the things that's always puzzled me is why Google didn't just support SIP or even Mark's own IAX protocol used in Asterisk. Mark had the same question until he studied Google's SIP replacement, Jingle

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Uplink Connects SIP & Skype

Click Here for Uplink Connects SIP & Skype

iotum helps makes Asterisk relevant to more Enterprise Users

Click Here: iotum helps makes Asterisk relevant to more Enterprise Users

Monday, April 03, 2006

A new twist on VoIP? - A new Jajah killer and serious Skype competition?

Since early 2006 movement has come into the VoIP industry. New VoIP providers are now launching all over the world with each one of them hoping and expecting a share of the ever growing popularity and income stream. At the last count the research company had almost 650 VoIP phone providers listed.

This has had one distinct advantage for the consumer - VoIP costs internationally are dropping at an alarming rate. A few VoIP providers in Europe have taken their marketing activities to the extreme by offering free calls to a wide range of up to 50 international destinations. VoipBuster was the pioneer early 2005 and has since then launched a barrage of sister companies offering exactly the same type of service. Time will tell if this "Free VoIP" campaign has any long term merit.

Even in this highly competitive enviroment some companies still manage to stand out of the masses. In mid March 2006 two companies launched, in one case, relaunced their services. Lycos decided that it is time to join the race with the likes of Yahoo and possibly in the very near future Google and MSN. Using Globe7's technology Lycos launced an interesting softphone with a free US phone number, 100 free minutes and an integrated mp3 player and video.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

AstManProxy 1.20pre Released

Hi Folks,

I have done a bunch of new work on AstManProxy, including 1) adding in the Action: Challenge authentication mechanism (basically done), 2) adding in support for SSL, 3) added patch from Steve Davies that will do basic user authentication.

The SSL support is based on code from John Todd at Tello (digium #6812). I do not have the SSL stuff functional yet but it is compiling and I am hooked into their underlying routines. I just need to figure out how to hook all the functions in now, which I'll be working on over the next few days.

Also, I have setup a proper branches/tags/trunk structure on (thanks to Kevin Fleming for his help). 1.13 is currently in tags & trunk, and branches contains the 1.20 development work.

Anyway, please take a look at the 1.20pre branch and let me know what you think:

Click Here for Download of 1.20pre

Also I have turned on moderation on the astmanproxy list, so we should not have any more spammers... sorry about that.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

VoIP Caller ID Spoofing - Still Dangerous

Many in the VoIP service industry have known for years that caller ID can be spoofed (that is, misrepresented) relatively easily. In fact, one need not be an expert at using Asterix's Linux PBX software or know the other tricks of the trade - he can simply pay a few dollars for an Internet telephone caller ID spoofing service. (We're not going to provide free advertising for these services here) While this may seem harmless, it opens up the door to a number of serious vulnerabilities.

More and more caller ID is being used to authenticate people's identity. Credit card companies have long been using caller ID in the card activation process. Financial institutions such as Citibank and American Express are now using it to authenticate identity of account holders who dial in to their telephone service. In business, caller ID is used to signal whether a caller is calling from inside or outside the firm. 911 call centers use it to determine who is calling and where to send emergency responders. Voicemail systems, particularly cell phone voicemail systems, automatically playback messages based on caller ID.

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