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Thursday, April 06, 2006

From PBX to VoIP: Making the Change

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony Relevant Products/Services from , once a tool used primarily by uber techies, has matured into a viable and less-expensive alternative to the PBX systems used by businesses of all sizes. With VoIP, companies have the opportunity to discard the prepackaged offerings of traditional telecommunications and instead opt for a phone system that is customizable and highly adaptable.

According to a report released in January from the research firm Yankee Group, the VoIP market is expected to reach $3.3 billion in service revenue by 2010. The report said that businesses are favoring VoIP because the technology offers measurable savings, an excellent converged platform for voice and data, and improved ways to manage communications within the enterprise.

"Virtually all major carriers, systems integrators, and equipment vendors now offer different varieties of business VoIP services," said Taher Bouzayen, a senior analyst for telecommunication strategies at the Yankee Group. "And those that are not already exploring ways to capitalize on this revenue opportunity need to start now."

Even the U.S. military is contemplating a move to VoIP. Avaya, a VoIP vendor, recently announced that the Air Force is testing the technology with an eye toward deploying it for military communications in the field. According to Avaya client executive Vic Galante, the Air Force realized that it would have to turn to commercial technologies to save money.

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