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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Milliwatt Analyzer available

Here it is: Mwanalyze

It performs a Fourier analysis for a fixed frequency and tells the amplitude.

The frequency is not limited to 1000 Hz, but can be passed as argument. The periode duration must be a mulitple of 0.5 ms, thus the valid frequences are: 2000 Hz, 1000 Hz, 666.666666667 Hz, 500 Hz, ...

Furthermore the application computes the ripple on that tone. In order to detect audiogaps and short noise on the line, one can define a treshold and a timeslice duration (typically 1s to 0.1s), and the application will compute the ripple for each timeslice and count the timeslices with a ripple greater than the given treshold.

Thus the application is a tool to verify the line quality, e.g. for least-cost-but-not-too-bad-line routings.

For conveniance Mwanalyze also generates a tone of the frequency it analyzes. Thus a bidirectional operation, and test for frequencies other than Milliwatt's 1000 Hz are possible. Anyway Milliwatt is much much more economic to CPU and RAM!

For details see inline documenation or output while loading the module!

Now, I will try to contact to dev-list, in order to put this application to future releases.