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Monday, February 27, 2006

Turbolinux Launches IP-PBX Software to Support Broadband IP Phone Services

Turbolinux, Inc., a global leader of Linux-based solutions, today announced the sales launch of IP-PBX software InfiniTalk, which is based on the open source software Asterisk. InfiniTalk improves and upgrades the IP telephone environment for significant cost reductions.

InfiniTalk IP-PBX software is generally considered the best choice for a low-cost, next generation standard IP telephone system. The combination of the Linux and Asterisk open architecture and rich hardware allows customization of the software for specific applications and customers. InfiniTalk software supports the majority of standard telephony equipment. InifiniTalk also supports the newer broadband IP phone services and fiber optic technology provided by NTT East and West Corporation. These capabilities work to create a cost-effective, IP phone system in the business environment.

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