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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Announce: New Freelance Site for Asterisk Consultants

Note: Steve Totaro has posted info about his new website to help people find Asterisk Consultants. It is in the Beta stage right now and will be for the next 6 monthes according to Steve.

Hello all,

I have created a beta site for "Asterisk Gurus" or Consultants to bid on projects posted by customers needing to have work done. It is very similar to scriptlance or any of those other sites but it is dedicated to Asterisk and related issues so hopefully only really qualified Asterisk consultants will bid on your projects. If you post at one of those other sites, you wind up with 99% of the people who bid unable to complete the project and they waste your valuable time.

Asterisk is a very specialized skill and with our rating system, we can quickly identify who the good "Asterisk Gurus" are and not waste time with the wannabes.

This also seems to be a very good replacement for the "Bounty" system on <> . I am sure we can figure out how to split costs owed to the "Asterisk Guru" between customers.

It is VERY beta right now but I think it is also fully functional. Any reference to payments, deposits, $$$, etc can be ignored. The service is free for now and will stay that way for at least the next six months.

However, I am may add a PayPal donation link since this is certainly not free for me. Of course there is no obligation to donate but I would appreciate it. Heck, if there are enough donations then the site could remain free permanently.

There are some small issues since the script is wrapped in another script, but I am aware of this and will find a fix shortly. Besides that, I could use any input on usability, additions, categories not listed, or whatever jumps to mind.

I will also be adding a section to post resumes and other permanent job postings.

Please test it out and let me know what you think.

Steve Totaro