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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Announce: Enchance Me 1.004 Released!

Today I released Enhance Me 1.004 for AMP 1.10 and Asterisk @ Home 2.2.

These utilities allow for speed dialing, a revised version which uses AMP to store speed dial numbers and NAMES so that only operators of the web interface can add and delete speed dials. Data is stored in mysql instead of Asterisks’ DB. This stops the waste of the 300 series extension numbers.

Instructions on how to disable A@H's speed dial and insert my code is included.

Additionally, paging utilities for paging of all phones is accomplished with customized meetme routines.

Intercoms between stations are also documented with code. This code uses 0 + extension number to intercom the phone. This stops the waste of a separate ext number for intercoms and avoids the outside user from reaching an intercom line by dialing it directly. (If you use auto answer and an outside user dials the auto answer line they can sit back and eavesdrop)

A Cisco XML interface into AMP’s user database is used to display user names and their extensions on the phone. This is useful for new / temporary employees. This routine avoids displaying the intercom extensions set up.

A text recommendation file that covers a few changes to A@H such as fixing the backup link on the maintenance page is also included.

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Paul Norris