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Friday, November 11, 2005

Announce: Web-MeetMe v1.4.0

New Features-
- Weekly recurring meetings with the same room and pin numbers.
Any conflict in the conference number as identified before the conference is added, allowing the submitter to change the conference room number
- Database storage of MeetMe flags
This requires a db update to add the columns and a new version of app_cbmysql. In this release the flags are hard coded in the UI. I will be making a configuration option for the number of flags, and which flags are exposed. For now the Admin has only 'Announce name' as and option, and the User has 'Announce name' and 'Listen mode' options

This may be the last update to app_cbmysql. There is a recent bug opened on Mantis to make MeetMe use the Realtime architecture. If it is merged, I will port the scheduling functions to app_meetme.

The web interface will need minimal changes to be compatible, and I will continue to work on refining it.


Web-MeetMe_v1.4.0.tgz (required)
app_cbmysql.c (required)
cbmysql.conf (required)
cb-extensions.conf (suggested)
README (suggested)

See the README

1. Schedule new conferences
a. Control start and end times
b. Set conference pin #
i. Generate one if the requester leaves it blank
ii. Identify pin # conflicts (another conference with the same pin is scheduled at the same time)
c. Set Admin and User passwords
i. Generate a user password if an Admin pw is set but the User pw is blank
d. Weekly recurring conferences with the same settings
e. Select MeetMe flags per conference for Admins and Users
2. Email the details for a successfully scheduled conference
3. Separate views for Current, Past and Future conferences
4. Ability to modify the end time of a running conference
a. Can also reschedule a past or future conference.
5. Monitor realtime conference activity
a. Mute/Kick participants
6. Optional authentication
a. Currently Active Directory or LDAP based
b. Authentication is abstracted so unix/PAM/DB/RADIUS support could be easily added
7. Users can only monitor, update or delete their conferences
8. Verified administrators can monitor, update or delete any
9. Updated to Asterisk 1.2.0-beta1
a. Changes to the Manager interface may have caused
support for 1.0.X to slip, I cannot test that)

***Developer help/guidence request***
The day/month/year code needs to be rewritten in javascript to allow the fields to dynamically update. Changing from a month that has 31 day to one with 30 should update the day field if it is set to 31. Similar logic is needed for dealing with February in leap/non-leap years.

This is well outside my experience and if anyone would care to contribute the code, I'd appreciate it. Or if someone can point out a way to do it in PHP, even better.

Thanks and enjoy,