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Friday, November 11, 2005

Announce: New Asterisk WEB Interface ( astwebmgr )

Hello List!

I wrote something to allow me to easily interact/configure Asterisk thru a WEB interface. Over time I added several things to it. I thought 'you all' might get some use from it. I call it 'astwebmgr'.

You can get it here:

It is written in PHP (with a little JavaScript).

Functions are listed below:

HOME: Return to the Main Menu
AGI: AGI Documentation
CDR: List or Search Asterisk CDR records (CSV only, not SQL)
DB: Database Functions Add/Delete/Deltree/Get/Show
EDIT: Access various system and Asterisk configuration files [Edit/Delete]
FAX: Access/view FAX files
FW: Turn ON/OFF IPTABLES FireWall Rules for Asterisk functions
LOGS: List or Search System or Asterisk Log files
MAILBOX: Add or Delete a VoiceMail Mailbox
MANAGER: Interact with the Asterisk Manager
ORIGINATE: Create call files or create a call through the manager interface
PHPInfo: PHP Configuration Information
SOUND: Access/View Sound files
TC: Traffic Control functions
VOICEMAIL: View Voice MailBox and Listen via the WEB(uses the asterisk provided script) Information Information on how to obtain the latest version