Asterisk VoIP News

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Release: PhoneCALL v2.6.1 - Released

Hello All!

Just a notice that our PHP/Smarty-based GPL version of PhoneCALL version 2.6.1 has been released, and is the current stable release.

We're always looking for feedback/testers to help us enhance it and make it even easier for everyone to use. The current version is designed around the advanced Asterisk user, and we are working on a more 'restrictive' model for different types of users in the system, for example:

1) User-based logins so users can control their phone options (like DND, Call CellPhone, Text Message) or update their name, email
2) Admin-based logins that control the general 'call flow' - but not administer any of the scripts/macros and can only see the information for the tenant they are assigned.
3) Site-Admin has full access to all accounts/scripts, etc... like root account (current setup)

We're taking feature requests, and all feedback is welcome.

Dustin Wildes
VecSector, LLC