Asterisk VoIP News

Friday, August 12, 2005

New astGUIclient version released 1.1.5

The great people that work on AstGUI have released another update to there Asterisk GUI Client suite: 1.1.5

The client suite runs on Windows, UNIX and Mac, includes the astGUIclient client-side web app which extends your phone's functionality and the VICIDIAL auto-dialer. This package is free as in GPL. (the suite is not an asterisk configuration tool)
This package is geared towards Asterisk installations with SIP,IAX or Zap phones and Zaptel, IAX or SIP trunks.

For this revision, we have refined the web-client, added a few features to it and we also include an alpha version of the VICIDIAL web client. On the server side, we have moved server config variables to the web admin section for ease of modification, especially in multi-server environments.

Let me know what you think.