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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SipReality Announces Release of TotallySip Softswitch

SipReality Limited, a developer and distributor of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softswitch and end user device provisioning systems is pleased to announce the Commercial Release of it's TotallySip Softswitch platform.

TotallySip has been developed as a carrier grade softswitch solution to service both the emerging VoIP Internet Service Providers (VISP) and much larger and geographically dispersed Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) as well the Incumbent Carriers (ILEC). The system is fully scalable from a single node operating with end user provisioning to Class IV and Class V switch features. TotallySip integrates easily with many vendor gateway solutions allowing for maximum flexibility in using existing infrastructure to augment services into the VoIP arena.

Low cost of entry combined with flexible integration and of course extensive features makes TotallySip stand out as one of the most economically viable Softswitches on the market today. Clustering between nodes in geographically disperse or centralized locations is simple and efficient while still allowing for single point management of the entire system. Least Cost Routing (LCR) is done via NPA/NXX with OCN based support coming soon. (LERG subscription required for OCN based routing).

Paul Falcon, President of SipReality stated, "We are very happy to reach our goal of delivering a high availability yet reasonably priced softswitch solution to the market. Today we hit a milestone. Expect to see more modules and add-ons for TotallySip to be available in the coming months extending the ease of use and functionality far beyond any competitive product."

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