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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MCC Billing Solution for Asterisk v.1.3 Released

MCC - Billing solution for Asterisk PBX

Current version: 1.3 + 1.3.1 Patch

MCC is a web-based, user (and admin) friendly billing interface for Asterisk and VOIP.

MCC is open source software licensed under the GPL

Features of MCC:

-Unlimited SIP, IAX and Mobile/PSTN devices assigned to user
-Unlimited tariffs with different rates
-Rate Table viewable in Currency of choice
-Profit counting!!!
-Stats by countries
-Blocking of users
-Show Balance, Expenditure, Payments and number of Calls on each account
-Call Data Records (also in CSV/PDF)
-Advanced customer management and portal management
-Integrated PayPal and commerce modules
-View and Store Customers payments
-Manage Pre Paid and Post Paid customers
-Full Credit control by User Account

Concurrent calls for every user

MCC Requirements:

Apache + PHP