Asterisk VoIP News

Saturday, March 25, 2006

GEOTEK Phonebook for Asterisk Released

This is a new, easy to use phonebook application that installs in minutes on any Asterisk server. It has a pleasant, ergonomically designed web interface that allows to look up phone numbers and to modify and update the central Asterisk caller database, so that callers can be identified by name on all SIP telephones.

The most recent incoming calls are listed up front with names when avaibable. Phone numbers may be imported from other applications or even retrieved online via LDAP from Exchange od eDirectory. By clicking on the telephone number a call can be initiated without the need for MS-TAPI or any client software. (Click-to-Dial) There is also a mini dialer that can be used for telephone integration with other applications.

The phonebook may be used as a central phonebook for smaller companies, as an add-on for existing company address applications, as a tool to specifically deal with CallerID identification in Asterisk or as a cute click-to-dial application. (CTI)

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