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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GDS Voice Conferencing Solution released today!

Nearly every company today uses Voice Conferencing in daily business to maximize productivity. There are many conferencing solutions in the market but the challenge is to integrate a scalable solution that will meet your needs and also delivers cost-efficiency and good return on investment.

GDS Voice Conferencing solution is a cost effective, feature rich Enterprise Voice Conferencing solution based on native Asterisk voice conferencing application.
GDS Voice Conferencing solution is an feature rich Enterprise Voice Conferencing solution built on top of native Asterisk MeetMe application.
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GDS Voice Conferencing Solution Info

* Multiple conference types (scheduled, recurrence, reservation-less)
* Intuitive web interface for conference management, personal contact management, user management and system administration
* Ability to easily manage conferencing attributes like announce user leave/join, wait for marked user and to associate contacts and its roles within the conference (listen only, admin mode etc.)
* Monitor live conferences (mute/un-mute participant, kick out participant, lock conference, view on line participants, its attributes etc.)
* Easy import of existing contacts
* Integrated personal contact management for simple invitation and notification
* User role based privileges
* Port resources management (TDM and VoIP)
* Recurrence and conflict conferences management
* Automatic email notifications and reminders
* API (application programming interface) that allow development of integrated or custom application
and more...

Boris Zolotarev