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Friday, March 17, 2006

FreePBX 2.0.1 Released!

The Asterisk Management Portal (AMP) is now known as FreePBX.

FreePBX 2.0.1 is now available for download. A **BIG** thank you goes out to the project developers for all their hard work, and to beta testers for running FreePBX through it's paces!

This exciting new release boasts a better user experience, additional functionality, and a new module system.

The module system is designed to be simple, powerful, and easy to use existing code with. It only imposes a minimal API, with just a few requirements to make it work. Please see the project wiki for more information:

As usual, previous versions (AMP) will be automatically upgraded by the install_amp script. Please note, that when you install, no modules will be enabled. You must visit the web interface and click to install them.

Please report any bugs using the sourceforge bugtracker.

Bug Trackers & Mailing Lists:
Project Wiki:
Documentation Wiki:
IRC: #freepbx on freenode

Changes For: 2.0.1
- AMP is now "freePBX"
- New module system allows for drop-in functionality
- All previous AMP functionality ported to new module system
- Added Modules: Conferences, Time Conditions, Asterisk CLI, Online Support
- Inbound routes can set ALERT_INFO variable for SIP devices
- Outbound Routes can now use an Authenticate Password File
- Queue Static Agents can have penalties applied
- Ringgroups can play an announcement to caller before dialing
- Ability to force Emergency Caller ID for devices using an Emergency Outbound Route.
- Much improved form validation for all modules
- Requires Asterisk 1.2.x
- Using native music on hold support - no more mpg123!!
- FOP .24
- ARI 00.08.03 - now with AJAX!
- Initial sqlite support!
- GUI improvements
- Default is to use freePBX database authentication.
- SVN has been adopted for version control

Ryan Courtnage
Coalescent Systems Inc.
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