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Monday, March 20, 2006

FreePBX 2.0 Preview

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes trying to figure out Asterisk’s configuration files can quickly appreciate a graphical user interface to make managing the myriad of files much easier. One of the best open source projects has been the Asterisk Management Portal (aka AMP). While AMP has been a fantastic tool, its original design did not take into account all of the features that would eventually become available and need to be added to the system. Eventually, a complete rewrite of the code was going to be needed to modularize the system and change things around in order to sustain the product for a long time. Thus, FreePBX was born. In this article, we look under the hood at what FreePBX is and how it works.

What is FreePBX
Many people think that FreePBX is a competitor to Asterisk@Home, this is far from accurate. Asterisk@Home is an ISO image that automatically installs CentOS, AMP, Flash Operator Panel, Asterisk Recording Interface, and many other tools and preconfigured dialplan options. FreePBX is simply the replacement for one component of Asterisk@Home, replacing AMP as the configuration file editor. In upcoming versions of Asterisk@Home, it will include FreePBX rather than AMP. If you build your own Linux server, install Asterisk, you can simply install FreePBX to help you manage your system.

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