Asterisk VoIP News

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Digium and Zimbra Bring Asterisk VoIP to there Collaboration Suite at Spring VON

Digium Inc., the original creator of Asterisk and pioneer of open source telephony, and Zimbra, a leader in open source next-generation collaboration and messaging, today announced the integration of Voice-over-IP calling capabilities into the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS), by leveraging Asterisk. With this partnership, Digium and Zimbra are leading the way to the first open source Unified Messaging platform.

"We're really pumped that Zimbra and Digium are able to provide Unified Messaging this quickly by leveraging open platforms. Now, I can initiate a conference call with my engineering team, quickly access my voicemail or call home from the road - all through my e-mail," said Satish Dharmaraj, Zimbra co-founder and CEO. "What's beautiful about this is that it's all based on open standards. We've implemented a SIP integration with ZCS that has been tested and proven on Digium's open source Asterisk VoIP system."

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