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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Asterisk Users to Get Free Call Management App from Fonality

Excerpt: IP-PBX phone systems provider Fonality announced this week the introduction of Heads-Up Display (HUD), a new call management application that provides businesses with real-time, easy-to-use call control and management features. HUD comes in two versions, the HUDlite, which is a free call management application for the Asterisk Open Source PBX; and the HUDpro, which is an advanced call management application that enhances PBXtra, the company's IP-PBX platform.

"The Digium-Fonality relationship is an important one to us," said Spencer. "Fonality's new HUD application provides Asterisk users with an innovative and extremely productive way to improve their operations with call presence awareness and call management."

The HUD seems to be like a presence monitor. Through a color-coded desktop interface, HUD lets employees see when others in the office are on a call, to whom they are talking to and whether calls are internal, external or in a queue. HUDlite, available next month, provides drag-and-drop calling and call controls, call monitoring and barging and on-the-fly recording. HUDpro is currently available and it provides additional features, including advanced multihierarchical permission systems, enterprise-class secure instant messaging (IM), complete integration with PBXtra and configuration and support from Fonality."

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