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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Asterisk Tools for Mac OSX

Hello Asterisk Users,

I am an Objective-C enthusiast and have been writing some clever tools to integrate Asterisk functionality with Mac OS X applications.

Please find my project on:

The objectives of my project are as follows:

1. Implement an Objective-C framework to communicate effectively with the Asterisk Management Interface

2. Address Book plugin to enable call back functionality

3. A System Preferences pane to allow administrators to easily configure Asterisk options on a Mac

4. Dashboard Widget that allows users to quickly call arbitary numbers

5. iTunes integration to stop and star iTunes to play when the phone rings etc.

The source code is in pre-Alpha stage at the moment but I am hoping to release a Beta at the end of next week. Please feel free to download and use these extensions. I hope they turn out to be useful and would appreciate any feedback.