Asterisk VoIP News

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Asterisk Architectural Freeze for 1.4

I want to remind everybody that we have our scheduled architectural freeze, this Friday, for the 1.4 release. What this means is that if you have features that you would like to see in 1.4 THAT REQUIRE CHANGES TO THE HEADER FILES, those changes need to be finalized by this Friday. We may push back the date by a couple days, if we have enough on the bugtracker to discuss, but your patches on the bugtracker must be applicable to the current trunk, and you must have addressed all concerns listed on the bugtracker before Friday for your patch to be considered for 1.4.

Features that do not require changes to the header files are not architectural in nature; those features have until the beginning of May to be gotten ready.

I hope to see a flurry of activity on the bugtracker, so we may go forward with each of our planned freeze dates, culminating in the release of 1.4 by the end of June.