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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A2Billing (Asterisk2Billing) Release v1.1

Great day for the callingcard-fan ! Just a little mail to let you know that a new version of A2Billing 1.1 (Asterisk2Billing) is available! Many features have been added, lot of bugs solved and hundreds of good improvement made, so there we go ->

The key newest features :
* Ecommerce product with API addons - Integration with OsCommerce
* Speeddial-support for UIs (Customer & Admin)
* Add DB backup/restore tool
* Currencies support management - yahoo financial (cront for auto update) Add new model for update currencies from Yahoo , now currencies are in Database in cc_currencies table. Remove and any information about.
* Signup autocreates SIP/IAX
* New features for PEAK & OFF-PEAK
Add new model for ratecard , removing week day and adding starttime and endtime instead.
* Add Voip Provider
* Add support for Jiax web phone
* notenoughcredit_assign_newcardnumber_cid
IF the CARD doesn't have enough credit, request to enter a new cardnumber.
* Assign the CallerID to the new cardnumber
* Predictive Dialer Features
* Manage Campaign, Phonelist, Import Phonelist.
* Customer Interface (Agent) have the ability to call a predefined amount of Phone numbers.
* Support call at Zero-Cost & Negative cost (plus param = maxtime_tocall_negatif_free_route)
* CallerID authentication improvement
- (new param : notenoughcredit_cardnumber ;
cid_auto_assign_card_to_cid ; cid_auto_create_card ;
* Popup Select Card - avoids long load (issue for user that have create lot of cards)
* PAYPAL SUPPORT - IPN - Customer can buy credit through paypal
* DID SELLING SUPPORT + DID monthly billing - features to sell to your customer preconfigured DID.
Customer would have the opportunity to redirect those to his phonenumber and even deploy a Follow-Me
* and lot of bug fixed and much more fancy stuff...

Other good stuff as well :
- WIKI ->
I hope it will help to build quickly a serious user manual, I know
that it's pain in $%& to understand the soft.
- FORUM ->
Damn !!! Que demande le peuple !!!
- DEMO ->
- UNLIMITED FREE CALL ON PSTN -> ... forgot the link!

Seriously bit of helps (documenting, dev...) would be greatly appreciated so if someone is willing to help/contribute, please contact me directly! Enough talk it's time to enjoy this new version, have fun and don't forget to send me your comments :P