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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Video conferencing over Asterisk unveiled

Adiance have succeeded in becoming one of the world's first companies to add native video support for Asterisk, offering the most advanced video solutions - such as, video conferencing, and video broadcasting.

Released recently, this technology will be integrated into Sidance's existing range of products - including inbound/outbound VoIP Call Center Software Solution - Sidance Enterprise 2006, Voice & Video Broadcasting System, VoIP telecom gateway, Soft phone with multi-user Video Conferencing support and other Asterisk VoIP software solutions.

This technology empowers users to do with video virtually everything they can do with voice on a powerful Asterisk solution platform. Combination of open source Asterisk software and state of the art Sidance technology enables customers to build VoIP video solutions at more than 40% cost savings as compared to available solutions in the market.

Adiance's evolutionary technology will help service providers to offer on-demand video broadcasting/ conferencing services to their Asterisk users at huge savings with the elimination of proprietary video infrastructure hardware. Video conferencing right now is very costly and time consuming technology. With VoIP - Video Over IP, it is cheap and fast. With this technology, Video is sent using normal Internet bandwidth as is the case with audio in Voice over IP. It is also possible to offer Video voice mails, Video on Hold application, Video recording, Text messaging and other services.


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