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Monday, February 06, 2006

Release: ClearOne Introduces VoIP(SIP) Tabletop Conference Phones

ClearOne Communications Inc., the developer of the industry-first and award-winning MAXAttach wired and MAXAttach wireless conference phones, today introduced the latest addition to its tabletop conferencing product line, the new MAXAttach IP and MAX IP VoIP tabletop conference phones.

These products represent ClearOne's entry into the rapidly growing VoIP telephony market space, and are based on the industry-standard SIP signaling protocol.

Up until now, users have had a limited choice for adding high-quality audio conference phones to VoIP telephony systems. With the introduction of MAXAttach IP and MAX IP, customers with SIP-based VoIP systems can now enjoy the outstanding audio clarity and superior room coverage that ClearOne's analog MAX wired and wireless products have provided for several years, at a price point well below the competition.

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