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Thursday, February 02, 2006

News: An Old-School VoIP Deployment

Dennis Hock, a collector of antiquated telephony Relevant Products/Services from 3COM gear, wanted to make the treasures in his home ring. He figured that would require a manual switchboard, however, and his wife wasn't keen on helping out by playing operator.

"You start collecting phones, those are cool," says Hock, whose day job is network engineer at DTE Energy in Detroit. "Then you display them. The next logical step is that you'd like to be able to see them work."

As it turns out, fellow members of the Telephone Collectors International (TCI) were having similar thoughts, and the result might actually help demystify one of the big issues surrounding VoIP Relevant Products/Services from 3COM: how to make new packet-based systems work with old -- in this case, really old -- circuit-switched gear.

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