Asterisk VoIP News

Thursday, February 02, 2006

News: Asterisk, Gizmo Project and RadioHandi

I'm not a VoIP geek by any stretch. Some people just get insanely excited about the idea of running their own PBX at home or what not, but I'm really not that type of person. However, I have to say that this video demo of Asterisk over at Kevin Rose's SYSTM really piqued my interest. Using an inexpensive telephone adapter - $100 for the Sipura 1000 - they were able to get a SIP-based VoIP server with full-on IVR functionality up and running in no time. It's pretty damn cool, I have to say - having calls routed from your phone to your desktop whereever you are, or using one of the new WiFi SIP handsets (the Hitachi 5000 for example) to make calls by connecting back to your home server through any WiFi Access Point. I'm definitely impressed enough to want to geek around with it.

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