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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

News: Asterisk Appliance Development

Ranch Networks has announced the development of security code for Asterisk, the open source VoIP project, that allows enterprises to combine Asterisk with Ranch appliances. The code is certified by Huntsville, Ala.-based Digium and is available in the latest Asterisk version, number 1.2.3.

The code uses a standard developed by the IETF called Middlebox Communications to open firewall ports only when a call is actually in progress. This should make enterprise firewalls far more secure.

Ram Ayyakad, CEO of Ranch, calls this "dynamic firewall control", and it is already a part of the latest Asterisk core, v. 1.2.3. It will also be available as an integral part of the next major Digium release. For the moment, Ayyakad admits, "we are still working with Digium to clarify a few things. The challenge was to put our code into the core of Asterisk."

The benefits are numerous, Ayyakad says. "It's really good bulletproof security, hardware based queuing, the ability to segregate data and voice, bridging, and there's no proprietary thing going on."

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