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Friday, January 13, 2006

Asterisk VoIP News 1 Year Anniversary!!!!

Editor Note: First Off I want to thank everyone that supports this resource be either sending my stories and information about Asterisk or visits this site regularly. You have helped build this from nothing into a vibrant site. Over the last year I have watch Asterisk really come of age and start to become a technology everyone has to talk about. Week after week Asterisk has penetrated into bigger media sources spreading the word.

I think I can agree with most that 2006-2007 we are going to see a huge upswing on Asterisk installations and more unique applications where Asterisk can and will be applied.

Future For AVN: During the next year I am going to continue bring you interesting news about Asterisk and VoIP. Also I am going to increase the amount of unique content and stories about Asterisk. As always you don't see something on my blog that should be on here EMAIL ME!. I can't stress this enough, this site is our site.

Now on to the Fun Stuff

Statistics for AVN from the last 365 days:

Page Loads: 60,553
First Time Visitors: 42,128
Returing Visitors: 12,595
Most Popular Posts: Astricon Reports and Asterisk Case Studies
Number of Countries that has visited: 107 (Even Malta)
Top 5 Countries: USA, Canada, UK, France and Australia
Most Popular Resolution: Still 42.86% 1024x768(with 1280x1024 close behind)
Most Used O.S.: Well you know that one but Linux has a respectable 10.60% :)

Final Note: If you have a comment or insightful commentary I will be editing this post with the interesting emails I get.