Asterisk VoIP News

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Announce: Web-MeetMe v2.0.0

[New Features]
1. Added focus and tab-order to all input fields
2. Dynamic generation of date/month/year listboxes
a. It is no longer possible to schedule an invalid date.
3. Added 'Extend' and 'End Now' buttons to the monitor
4. Invite button on the monitor page. This greatly simplifies the process of adding callers to a conference.
The ./lib/defines file includes definitions for the prefered channel and context
5. Call history report. Support for this feature requires the php script ./lib/cbEnd.php be running at all times. This also requires a new table in the meetme database if you're upgrading from an earlier release.

Web-MeetMe_v2.0.0.tgz (required)
app_cbmysql.c (required)
cbmysql.conf (required)
cb-extensions.conf (suggested)
README (suggested)

See the README

1. Schedule new conferences
a. Control start and end times
b. Set conference pin #
i. Generate one if the requester leaves it blank
ii. Identify pin # conflicts (another conference with the same pin is scheduled at the same time)
c. Set Admin and User passwords
i. Generate a user password if an Admin pw is set but the User pw is blank
d. Weekly recurring conferences with the same settings
e. Select MeetMe flags per conference for Admins and Users
2. Email the details for a successfully scheduled conference
3. Separate views for Current, Past and Future conferences
4. Ability to modify the end time of a running conference
a. Can also reschedule a past or future conference.
5. Monitor realtime conference activity
a. Mute/Kick participants
6. Optional authentication
a. Currently Active Directory or LDAP based
b. Authentication is abstracted so unix/PAM/DB/RADIUS
support could be easily added
7. Users can only monitor, update or delete their conferences
8. Verified administrators can monitor, update or delete any conferences.
9. Updated to Asterisk 1.2.0
a. Changes to the Manager interface may have caused
support for 1.0.X to slip, I cannot test that)

Thanks and enjoy,

***Beta testers and anyone who downloaded v2.0.0 before today****
The only changes from the beta was a cosmetic change to work with non-IE browsers and a couple of installation hints. I only received feedback from one tester, so it appears the package is ready to go.

***Developer help/guidence request***
The PHP script to monitor conference endtime and up date the CDR is fragile. If Asterisk is shut down for more than 30 seconds, the script exits. I'd like to make it more resilent. If any PHP experts can make suggests on how to improve the script it would be appreciated