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Monday, January 23, 2006

Announce: PodMail 1.0 (GPL)

Hello Asterisk Community.

While sitting at lunch the other day I had a typical napkin-prototype idea:
What if I could make my Asterisk Voicemail accessible as a Podcast in iTunes? Three hours later with the help of two friends I had a working proof of concept. Now we are releasing the polished version of this idea as PodMail 1.0.

PodMail brings together open-source telephony and Podcasting to create a new, useful way of accessing voicemail and podcasting.

PodMail integrates with Asterisk to provide a secure podcast of your voicemail. Supporting authentication directly against voicemail.conf or using an LDAP directory, PodMail allows you to subscribe to your own voicemail box. Each time you dock your iPod, your new voicemails will sync right along. Listen to your voicemail at your convenience and without using cell minutes.

PodMail also allows for a brand new type of PodCasting. Unchain Podcasting from the computer! Configure PodMail for public access and you have a ready-to-run PodCast. Updating your Podcast is as easy as phone call. Moblogging has never been so easy or flexible.

Live Demo:
Do not miss out our live demo at
Leave us a message in one of our mailboxes, subscribe to one of the PodMail Podcasts, then see and hear your message immediately!

Check out the PodMail Documentation and Installation Notes at:

PodMail is released under the terms of the GPL.