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Friday, January 20, 2006

Announce: Asterisk::LCR released on CPAN

After a few extra days of hard work, debugging, and many coffees, I am pround to announce that Asterisk::LCR has been released on CPAN.

Asterisk::LCR is an open-source, Perl-based collection of tools to help you manage efficiently multiple VoIP providers with your Asterisk installation.

It is capable of importing providers rates from multiple providers, comparing these rates, and generating optimized Asterisk dialplans.

It's a /command line tool/. Hence it is designed for system administration and people with a minimum of technical know-how.


- Capable of comparing rates in different currencies and with different billing schemes (connection charge, 30/6, 1/1, etc)

- Pluggable comparison system (in the future, I intend to write a module that also takes into account the ASR of a given route to weight its cost)

- Pluggable importer system (so we can add more VoIP providers in the future). Currently supports VoIPJet, Nufone, and PlainVoIP. Others providers are invited to contact me if they want to be added to this list.

- Pluggable dialing strategies. At the moment there is MinCost (dial from the cheapest to the most expensive providers sequentially) and MinTime (dial the $n cheapest providers simultaneously to minimize post dialing delay).

- Capable of translating prefixes so that you can generate dialplans using different dialing locales (for example, using french dialing conventions along with US providers)

I'm sure that they are many quirks and bugs to sort out. You can check the documentation here.

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Asterisk::LCR'

Let me know how it goes!