Asterisk VoIP News

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Release: AstManProxy - New Version 1.13 Now Available

Hey folks --

Good news! Version 1.13 of AstManProxy is now available for download!

Several enhancements have been made, primarily dealing with robustness and also an attempt to add Mac OS X support.

-- AstManProxy 1.13 --

-Changed to read only /etc/asterisk/astmanproxy.conf and not ./astmanproxy.conf
-Added a 'connected' field so we don't try to write to servers which are not yet connected
-Exits when there are no servers able to connect
-Doesn't attempt to re-connect to a server if we get 'Authentication failed'
-Added a connection timeout by using connect_nonb
-Confirmed support for x86-64 processors (added -fPIC; Jennifer Hales)
-Added support for Mac OS X (Tested on 10.3.9); BSD may also work
-Aborts on old config file format (detects incomplete server spec)

I've had much of this code "in the can" for a few weeks now, but have been traveling quite a bit and unable to sit down and package everything up. Please review and let me know your findings!

The next step for Astmanproxy will be to get a branch setup in the Digium Subversion (SVN) repository, which I hope to do sometime in the next few weeks.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and yours!