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Monday, December 19, 2005

News: Unicall for MacOS X

A new project to bring Steve Underwood's Unicall telephony driver abstraction library to MacOS X has been initiated. Unicall is a replacement for Zaptel, the default telephony driver suite for Asterisk on Linux. The Unicall for MacOS X project aims to support the following hardware:

# Motorola SM56 based Apple Modems, ie. internal and external Apple USB Modem
# Intel i537 softmodem PCI card
# Odin Telesystems interface cards
# cards from other vendors if equipment and sponsorship will be provided

The Astmasters Zaptel for MacOS X project will be shut down in favour of the new Unicall for Mac OS X project. The following is an excerpt from a posting by benjk to the astmasters driver development mailing list on December 15th, 2005:

[Subject: Zaptel is dead - Long live Unicall]
Unicall has got it all

In the place of Zaptel, I would like to establish a project to bring Steve Underwood's Unicall to MacOS X. Unicall is a replacement for Zaptel, which has got all the things which are absent from Zaptel ...
# Unicall has design.
# Unicall has structure.
# Unicall has abstraction.
# Unicall has documentation.
# Unicall has direction and a roadmap.
# Unicall has a cross-platform philosophy.
# Unicall has taken a multi-vendor-telephony-hardware approach.

Lucky Seven. What more could we possibly ask for?!

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