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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

News: Asterisk::LDAP Update

Hello All

About six months ago I wrote to announce the release of my Perl module to manage Asterisk configuration in LDAP. I wanted to take a moment and send this follow-up to announce a newly updated version of Asterisk::LDAP, version 0.6.0.

This new release is a significant improvement over the 0.5 series.

Here's a quick summary of the new features:

* Serial Numbers: Contexts are now written with a serial number and are not updated unless the serial number is incremented. This allows for granular and guaranteed consistent updates. Because LDAP updates are atomic the administrator or any external dialplan manager needs only to update the serial number after making any changes to the dialplan to guarantee the new dialplan will be loaded in its entirety.

* API Simplicity: As mentioned above, the API has been dramatically cleaned up. Where before a number of calls were required to set up Asterisk::LDAP before getting any useful data out, only one call is required and three more optional calls can help the developer automate much of the configuration of the module. Also the internal data structures are made available to external programs at more points during the configuration generation so any kind of hooks or post-processing can be done more easily.

* New Output Formats: The developer may now choose to have Asterisk::LDAP simply read the information from LDAP or have it write the contents to a set of files. Future improvements may include support for returning a string containing the entire data output instead of files written to disk.

To find out more about this project or to download the new release please visit the pages at:

Thanks again,

Ben Klang
Alkaloid Networks