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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Announce: TDM2400P Driver Change


Thank you for your support of Digium and Asterisk.

Yesterday, we identified a problem with the driver for the TDM2400P card when used with FXO port modules. The X400M was producing (and expecting) the audio signal at an abnormally high level, which negatively impacted the performance of the echo cancelers, both hardware and software. It also resulted in unusual audio artifacts when the actual signal was already at a high level.

The driver in our Subversion repositories of Zaptel (both 'trunk' and 'branches/1.2') has been modified to properly initialize the FXO ports to alleviate this problem. We encourage all owners of TDM2400P cards with FXO ports to update their driver as soon as possible, especially if they are experiencing audio quality and/or echo issues on the FXO ports. This updated driver will be part of the Zaptel 1.2.2 release as well, if you wish to wait for a tarball release.

Thank you again for supporting Digium and Asterisk!

Malcolm Davenport