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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Announce: Pending Web-MeetMe Update

[New Features]
1. Added focus to the input textboxes on all pages, so there's one less mouse click on each page. Trivial, but something that would likely trip some users up.

2. Dynamic generation of year/month/day listboxes to prevent invalid date selection. The system still defaults to the current date, but changing the month or year will update the day listbox with the correct number of days.

3. Added 'Extend' and 'End Now' buttons to the monitor page. The 'Extend' button adds 10 minutes to the conference. I have not added an 'Add Seats' button, and am not sure how critical it is. I'd like to avoid interface clutter if possible.

4. Call history report. It is now possible to see who was in a conference and for how long. There might be a small issue with this feature, as I did not see a clean way to add a 'Back' button. At the moment the only way out of this view is to select a menu item from the left side selections.

This functionallity requires a patch to app_meetme to add duration statistics to the meetme_leave event. There are a number of options to accomplish this, but for my environment, this is the best.

It also uses a small PHP script that needs to be running to catch the manager events. The script is a little crude at the moment, and does not deal well if Asterisk not available (crashed/stopped/etc), but works fine under normal circumstances.

I can either make this feature optional and disabled by default, or provide my app_meetme patch (all ready in Mantis). I'd appreciate comments on which people would prefer.

Note: While I am at it, if there happens to be a PHP guru lurking, I'd appreciate any comments on cleaning up the code.

I should have the new package ready by the end of the week.

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