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Monday, December 19, 2005

Announce: The Buddy System (Beta)

Welcome to The Buddy System.

Do you ever ask the following questions:

* Who is on call?
* Whose turn is it to take the beeper?
* Is the important after-hours call going to be handled?

The Buddy System

* Knows who is on call and all their phone numbers
* Knows who is backup if the primary on call person is busy
* Gets incoming calls the to the right person

Use The Buddy System to make sure that important after-hours calls are handled by the right person.


* 2005/12/14 -- User guide and fixed some production issues introduced by putting 'puts' in controllers
* 2002/12/15 -- Voicemail
* 2005/12/09 -- Support for peering with FWD, IAXTel, and SIPPhone. Versioning information.
* 2005/12/07 -- Completed the "go live" script, team call routing, adding incoming phones to a team, and enabled Asterisk CDR output to PostgreSQL.
* 2005/12/06 -- work on the legal stuff and other "real product" stuff.
* 2005/12/02 -- Got Team List and all other functionality working. Starting setting up a production environment.
* 2005/11/28 -- changed from PyAstre to Fast AGI (talking to the Ruby server) on Asterisk. Implemented calls between users that ring to the scheduled phones.
* 2005/11/18 -- Mastered Ruby of Rails, began Python scripts that live inside Asterisk. Implemented users, phones, voip accounts.
* 2005/11/9 -- Prototyping begins using Ruby on Rails, Asterisk, and PyAstre.

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