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Friday, November 25, 2005

Announce: PhoneCALL version 2.7-RC1 Released!

Dustin Wildes posted details about the new version of PhoneCall.

Hello Everyone!
For all of you PhoneCALL users, we have a treat for you today as PhoneCALL 2.7-RC1 has been released!

We've worked hard to make this release as close to as bug-free as possible, but in the event you find a bug - PLEASE report it to the bugtracker. It doesn't matter how small of a 'bug' or problem you think it is - all input helps and makes the program better for everyone.

The bug tracker is at:

Get your copy of PhoneCALL in the Downloads section at:

INFO on 2.7-RC1

New System Features include:

-- Better script handling of Arguments
-- New Queue Configuration
-- New Conference(MeetMe) configuration
-- Defaults configuration for SIP/IAX/Voicemail
-- Easy to use Installation Wizard
-- Better Multi-Tenant Support
-- More Security Enhances for user groups
-- New user-login methods from accounts
-- DID Manager implemented
-- New Provider/Trunk manager
-- More Advanced configuration options for accounts
-- Beginning of Wizard API
-- New Context Manager (for creating custom contexts)

Dustin Wildes