Asterisk VoIP News

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Announce: New version (0.6) of Queue Statistics released

Zoa has posted details of the new version of Queue Stats.

Freely available for download at:

Changes since last version :

- Bugs removed (and new bugs introduced)
- pdf reporting.
- internationalisation (language files)
- works on both windows and linux

Currently only few language files are included, if you make your own, please consider sending it to us so that we can include you language too.

Older features include:

* complete overview of all incoming calls to your queue
* complete overview of all taken and lost calls
* graphical and table based representation of the quality of service provided to your clients
* overviews of calltime and holdtime
* selections can be made on
o any chosen period of time
o any queue
o agents
o date
o hour
o weekday
* it is blazing fast
* has some nice eyecandy
* and it's free!

In case of installation problems, please post them here :