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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Announce: New asterisk management tool

Although I posted a demo a couple of weeks back, we have a new release of our management gui that has a lot more user friendly features and has gone through a bunch of testing. Still no name for it as it's mostly an internal project, but we will come up with something asap. Right now I believe it's ready for more input from the community. Before being read for beta testing we want to get some documentation out. For the brave there is a download at

Althought the web gui is fairly straight forward, underneath are some features we hope will be useful. Here is a basic feature rundown.

* Transparent multi tenant support.
* Template/Scripting system that allows a lot of different ways of laying out the dialplan and configuration menus. It doesn't lock you into using any particular layout, and it won't interfere with your existing configuration. Distributions can be easily created that have different layouts or menus.
* Does not need to run on the same server as asterisk. You can run a simple distributed ruby proxy on asterisk which will proxy all requests to read/write files.
* Uses ruby on rails which provides a good MVC structure for the code. Should be easier to modify then a typical php application.
* Can use postgresql, mysql, or sqlite3.
* Easy installation.
* Built in asterisk manager client and proxy.
* Separate web gui for voicemail users.
* Runs on linux and bsd. It should also run on windows we just haven't had the time to test that yet.

All of that said there are still a few things that need to be done. Queues, conferences, and call parking can't be managed yet, but that's simply because we left them to last. Should be another week before those get in. Zaptel configuration will probably come last, as we have no need for it but will add it anyways since others will probably want it. A large part of the system is the templating and scripting engine, which is not documented as of yet. We also need to add some more default scripts. The demo is pretty light but enough to give an idea of what you can do.

You can view the demo at The user login is 'demo', password 'changeme'. The admin login is 'admin', password 'changeme'. Although it's easy enough to reset everything, deleting things in the admin interface will make the demo a lot less usable, so please be kind:)

If you do want to install the distribution and play with it, it won't touch any of your asterisk configuration files so don't worry about that. You might need to email me about where to put the appropriate #include statements though, as I don't think that is covered in docs/INSTALL.

And everything except for the Payment Online name and logo is BSD licensed.