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Monday, November 21, 2005

Announce: AstLinux 0.2.9 Released

Note: Kristian Kielhofner has posted details about the new release of AstLinux

Hello Everyone,

I have finished up work on what will (hopefully) become AstLinux 0.3.0.

AstLinux 0.2.9 has been released as a test release.

- Asterisk 1.2.0
- Zaptel 1.2.0
- libpri 1.2.0
- Sangoma wanrouter beta1-2.3.4
- Linux kernel
- improved QoS support
- dozens of changes brought in from -testing

ISO and CF images can be downloaded from If everything goes smoothly, 0.3 should be out by mid-week.


Kristian Kielhofner