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Friday, November 18, 2005

Announce: AMP (Asterisk Management Portal) 1.10.010 released

Note: Ryan Courtnage has posted details about the new AMP release.

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Asterisk Management Portal (AMP 1.10.010). This version includes support for Asterisk 1.2, an improved Device/User implementation, improved support for phones with Busy Lamp Indicators (ie: HINT extensions), improved ARI, as well as several bug fixes.

More information about AMP can be found at:

The AMP project page is here:

Please use our mailing lists to discuss AMP:


- Tested with Asterisk 1.2
- Tested with PHP 5
- Removed all the sound files from AMP archive, instead depend on asterisk-sounds
- Ability to execute a script after applying changes in the AMP interface (see amportal.conf in source archive)
- Allow accountcode for IAX devices (again)
- Show custom extensions in FOP
- Allow mailbox setting for device to be set manually (for shared mailboxes)
- HINT extensions are now created for both FIXED and ADHOC devices
- Display AMP version in footer
- Support for remote mysql database
- ARI upgrade adds i18n, user settings, and bug fixes
- Remove Play Next option from voicemail options and default to play next when deleting or saving voicemails
- Allow Asterisk Dial() options to be configured (General Settings)
- Lots'o'bug fixes

Ryan Courtnage
Director & CTO
Coalescent Systems Inc.
Enabling Open Source Telephony