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Monday, October 10, 2005

QueueMetrics - A call center monitoring software for the Asterisk PBX

With over 60 quantitative metrics available, your call center will run smoothly and problems will easily be pointed out. You can measure budget targets, SLA targets, agent activity and more with a level of details that goes down to listening to any call on any queue - right from your browser.

You can see taken calls, lost calls, agent sessions and call center activity, broken down by period, queue or agent.

QueueMetrics lets you see your call center in real time - what your agents are doing, how many calls are waiting for each queue, how much time has been spent in each stage of call handling.

QueueMetrics supports an unlimited number of inbound queues, each with multiple prioritized agents, and supports virtual queues made up of aggregations of existing queues.

QueueMetrics eases the burden of your agents too - they can easily see whether the're logged on or not, they can see their incoming calls as they are processed and they can even launch external webapps - passing data gathered from IVRs or Caller*ID information - at the click of a button.

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