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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

News: Is P2P SIP Poised to Out-Hype Skype?

Note: I found this over at the Voxilla about P2P SIP, interesting read. I have opened this topic up for discussion. Please comment about your thoughts on this.


"While Luxembourg-based Skype's closed-source software currently holds a huge lead in peer-to-peer VoIP, enthusiastic backers of the open source SIP protocol believe that an under-development peer-to-peer SIP approach is poised to catch up with Skype and even surpass it.

"SIP is an open standard and that has a longer term impact than a closed network philosophy," says Eric Lagerway, co-founder of the softphone company Xten (a company he left earlier this year) and founder and CEO of Vocalscape. "While a closed network can foster innovation it does nothing for the long-term for IP communications as a whole. In the long term you're better off with an open standard and that's what peer-to-peer SIP is."

By relying on an open source development model similar to that used with the popular Asterisk PBX, Lagerway believes, the sheer amount of engineering and software talent applied to it is significantly greater than the effort going into furhter enhancements of Skype.

"Taking Skype past where it is today will be hard," Lagerway says, "because there are only so many people working on it while all of the working groups of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) are working on [some aspect of] SIP."

The benefit of peer-to-peer SIP is simplicity. It eliminates the server from the network by distributing the SIP methodology throughout the network itself.

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