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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can Skype Plug'n Play with Asterisk PBX ?

I found this today search around for more useful info about Asterisk:

Can Skype be a gateway to a PBX? Skype 2 PBX?

Here is a scenario posed to me by a Canadian company.

A company has four offices each with a local PBX. These PBXs are interconnected via SIP. (Of course the PBXs could have been interconnected with Skype, but that would be a boring story.)

This company would like to have any remote Skype Client have access to the corporate telephone infrastructure and as well, have any phone connected on any PBX access the Skype infrastructure, i.e. receive SkypeIn calls, place SkypeOut calls and place calls to any Skype Client. As well, all voice mail would handled by the PBX. When the remote client (e.g. a remote employee in San Diego) is unattended, all incoming calls are to be Call Forwarded so as to terminate at the PBX.

Here is a possible solution-

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