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Friday, October 14, 2005

Astricon Report: Xorcom Astribank 8 - USB Channel Bank for Asterisk

Another report has come in from Gerald P. This time he is looking at a Channel Bank from Xorcom.

"A company called Xorcom is displaying an interesting FXS channel bank at this year's Astricon in California.
The Astribank 8 is an 8-port FXS channel bank that connects to an Asterisk server via a USB interface.
With an MSRP under $500, this device is seen by Asterisk as 8 Zapata (ZAP) channels. The device also features 2 relay outputs and 4 contact inputs which are accessible via the Asterisk Dial Plan. This feature is interesting in a number of creative applications including actuating door strikes and interfacing with alarm systems via an Asterisk phone system.

The company's website ( does not yet have any additional information regarding this product or its availability, but it looks interesting. If they were to offer and FXO version, that would start to be really interesting.

Gerald P.
VoiceIP Solutions