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Friday, October 14, 2005

Astricon Report: Mark Spencer's Keynote Address

Another great read from Mr. GP. The following is a summary of Mark's keynote address at Astricon 2005:

"Mark Spencer, the founder of Digium and the Asterisk Open Source PBX project gave the Keynote address this morning to a crowd of over 500 people gathered at Astricon 2005 in Anaheim California. Mark's talk focused on the key differences between Asterisk as an Open Source project and closed source solutions. He went on the talk about briefly about the upcoming release of Asterisk version 1.2. But an announcement of the release, which was anticipated by some attendees was not made. Mark and other speakers at the conference indicated that new features recently added still needed to be fully tested, and bugs were still being addressed.

Despite the lack of a new release, the conference has generated a great deal of excitement from attendees. The Astricon conference gives the Asterisk developers and user community a chance to meet, exchange ideas and have fun. Digium hosted an after conference party on Thursday night at which users and developers from around the world drank free beer and talked about Asterisk late into the evening.

Next years conference has been designated to be held in Dallas TX. Dates for this event should be released on the website by Nov. 15.