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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Astricon Report: Intriguing new product at Astricon

Gerald Pickford of VoiceIP Solutions has emailed in an interesting piece of hardware he found at Astricon. Thanks Gerald!

"As I was walking though the booths at this year' Astricon conference, an interesting looking red box caught my eye.
The fonebridge T1/E1 Ethernet Bridge by Redfone Communications, LLC is a 4-port T1 to Ethernet gateway that connects T1/PRI circuits to Asterisk via TDMoE. This offloads the CPU burden associated with T1 connections and allows for sharing T1 circuits across multiple Asterisk servers, thereby increasing redundancy for mission critical applications. By offloading the T1 interface to a dedicated piece of external hardware, IRQ issues are eliminated, which would simplify installation when used with uncertified Asterisk Server hardware.

The only downside I can see with this device is that it does not come in a one or two port configuration. The MSRP is not too bad at $2,495 if you need a 4-port solution. But its 4-port configuration and price-point would limit its deployment to larger Asterisk installations.

Overall, the foneBridge looks like a winner for its intended audience.

Additional information about the fonebridge can be found at: