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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Announce: Voice over IP Directory Services

Hi All,

I am sure many of you are aware that by using VoIP devices one can make peer-to-peer calls. By devices I mean software phones, hardware phones and Asterisk. This feature is available, out of the box, in majority of devices today. Peer-to-peer calls are
'free' as in 'free beer' because they don't go through the service providers. All that is required to make a peer-to-peer call is 'peer connection information' of other user.

To make this global, where any VoIP user could make peer-to-peer call to any other VoIP user, we need the following a central repository which stores peer connection
information of all users an easy way to search and retrieve peer connection information of other users.

Voice over IP Directory Services (voipDS, pronounced as 'voip' D S) precisely addresses this need. Its a central repository that stores peer connection information of all users and also provides a search mechanism by which one could search for other VoIP users.

Searching and registering 'peer connection information' can be done manually via web based interface or automatically by implementing 'voipDS protocol'.

For more information, please visit,

voipDS is an 'Open source' effort and all the code will be released under GPL. If you wish to take part in this effort, please visit the website and join the mailing lists.

Feedback, comments and suggestions, please send to
"feedback at voipds dot org".

Thanks for your time,
Balaji NJL