Asterisk VoIP News

Monday, October 03, 2005

Announce: Project Launched is pleased to announce a fork from the Asterisk software PBX. The software PBX builds on the solid foundation created by the developers of Asterisk.

The community plans to develop a robust offshoot from Asterisk building on its strengths, flexibility and user community. Some of the planned features include modular architecture, native support for Sangoma TDM cards, integrated faxing and eventually integrated messaging. will be community driven and released under the GPL.

Call for Developers


The project needs your help. We need testers, scripters, 'C' coders and bug marshalls. Lines are forming now, operators are standing by.

If you enjoy programming challenges and Voice Over Internet Protocol is the project for you. Project code will be licensed under the GPL.

Visit us today on the bug tracker, or IRC #openpbx, or download the code and have a look around. We value your skills, time and contributions.

Initial release of is slated for October 10, 2005. for additional information visit