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Monday, October 31, 2005

Announce: HooDaHek 0.7 Released

Version 0.7 of HooDaHek, the CallerID Notification System for Asterisk, has been released. This is the last version with this database schema; the next will be breaking things into many more fields of information, including a lot of custom actions for calls (sending calls to VM by CLID, ignoring calls, etc.)

Also announcing the new HooDaHek website for the files, docs, and more information:

Details about Version 0.7:


- Added in Jabber support.
- Added in SMS support for US Cellular, Midwest Wireless, Verizon, and AT&T phones.
- Added in email support. You can now have notifications emailed anywhere. Handy for EmailToSMS gateways and/or pager alerts.
- Added a command, "last", to HooDaHekBot's vocabulary. The "last" command, when typed with no parameters, will show you the last incoming phone call. When typed like, "last:X", where "X" is a number, it'll show you the last X calls. IE: "last:10" will show you the last 10 calls.
- Fixed a bug with the Month being off on the call notification.
- Added signal handling for proper cleanup on exit.
- Added in massive debugging and logging for AIM connections as well as more error checking for disconnects, etc.
- Changed the sorting of the results of the "name:" and "phone:" commands to be sorted by alpha and number.
- Redid the entire configuration section of because it was long and incomprehensible.

- Switched from interfacing with the 'mail' command to using SMTP to notify of a new addition to the database.
- Formatted the phone number now in notifications. Changed the wording and subject slightly.

- Changed the GRANT statement in the SQL file so it wouldn't grant permissions on anything more than the CDR database.
- Decided to release HooDaHek under the "MIT License", which allows for free redistribution and modifications, for any purpose. Knock yourself out.